How does one arrive to Wingate?

Between the city of Netanya and Kibbutz Shefayim on the western side of the coastal highway, lies the Wingate Institute

Wingate Institute is located 6 kms south of Netanya and the entrance to visitors arriving by car is made possible via 2 options.


For those traveling South on coastal highway number 2, there entrance is located 2 kms south of the Poleg Interchange.


For those traveling North on coastal highway from Tel-Aviv you drive past Wingate (located on your left side) and continue traveling 2 kms north whilst remaining in the right lane. Take the first exit ramp signposted to South Netanya or Even Yehuda and turn left to cross the flyover bridge towards South Netanya (stay in right hand lane) and exit the bridge heading back towards Tel-Aviv and enter Wingate 2 kms further on.


There is a bus stop (for Wingate) on both sides of coastal highway 2 (heading north or south) with a flyover pedestrian bridge giving access to passengers to cross the highway and enter or exit Wingate as needed.


For those entering Wingate by car- there is a parking fee.