That between Tel-Aviv and Netanya off the coastal highway (number 2), on a vibrant campus spread over some 120 acres, lies the Wingate institute, Israel's National Sports institute.

Wingate provides every day facilities and amenities for over 5000 students, athletes, academics, sport medicine physicians and researchers, and the general public who participate in a large variety of courses and programmes to equip themselves to become qualified sport educators, trainers and coaches.


They are experts in a multiplicity of almost every kind of sporting activity or research in sport medicine.


The campus includes swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, sport fields and covered areas, some illuminated for night time activities as well as lecture halls and auditoriums and a sports hotel to make it the ideal centre for many kinds of conferences and seminars that are held here.


In addition to the usual training and practical courses, the Institute includes in its programmes special facilities to meet the needs of the physically and mentally challenged, the aged, the socially disadvantaged, the elite Olympic teams, the Paralympic squad and exceptionally talented young athletes.


Its fully equipped gymnasia, lecture rooms and library, play areas and games rooms are available to the public and corporate bodies for the organization of sport days, seminars, summer camps, children's outings and other festive occasions.


The campus also houses the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame; a remarkable collection of Olympic medals and World Cup soccer matches memorabilia, the national archives of sport and a history of sport in Israel exhibition.


Guided tours of the Institute can be arranged, and if you are interested in a visit or exploring the possible use of the Institute.

 For further information please contact:

Wingate Institute, Netanya 42902 - Israel

Telephone:  *972 - 9 - 8639550