The Zvi Nishri Sports Archives at the Wingate Institute

The Zvi Nishri Wingate Institute Archive, for history of physical education and sports in Israel, was established in 1968 and specializes in collecting information on physical education and sports in Israel – from the beginning of the settlement period in Israel to the present day, as well as collecting information on Jewish athletes in the Diaspora.


The archive houses collections of the founders of the various sports branches and physical education in Israel, collections from the Israel Olympic Committee, the Department of Physical Training (predecessor to the Sports Authority), the Sports Authority and Supervision, the sports associations and collections transferred to the archive over the years by athletes and personalities from the world of sports.


The Zvi Nishri Wingate Institute Archive even collects current materials and new collections are created, such is a collection of sports laws, minutes of Knesset committee meetings and significant events in the fields of sports and physical education in Israel.


Collections include, Documents, photographs, posters, artifacts (trophies, medals, etc.), books, periodicals, students’ works (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate), CDs, videotapes and a collection of sports newspapers from the beginning of the 20th century.


The archive, unique in its field of expertise, is a source of knowledge for a wide range of users from Israel and abroad: Students, researchers, journalists, film producers, exhibition curators and private individuals for personal needs. We provide information to our visitors using a dedicated software and the arrange the materials in the archive in a way that allows quick, comprehensive, and efficient retrieval.


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If you wish to hand over items in the fields of sports that are in your possession for preservation in the archive – please contact Pnina Dagan, the Archive and the Unit for the Commemoration of Athletes director, by email:

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Mobile: 0524206629


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