Membership in the Wingate Institute sports club

Come to train and exercise, according to a training plan custom tailored to your goals. Every subscriber is entitled to get a personal training plan designed for him, tailored to his goals and motivation, together with a gym instructor!

In our large and spacious gym, you can meet our professional and accommodating instructors – either graduates or undergraduate students in physical education and achievers in gym instructor’s course at the Wingate Institute, who are recruited to work with us.


The membership in the Wingate Institute sports club includes:

  • Swimming pools (for ages 6 and up).
  • Gym
  • A wide variety of classes
  • Sports facilities: Table tennis and more
  • Lawns with sea view
  • Open 7 days a week (Sunday-Friday opens at 6 am)
  • Direct entrance from the coastal road
  • Plenty of free parking!


Come feel your body and get intoxicated by the sensation of physical activity.

Join now and enjoy a unique sports atmosphere in every corner.

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