Atena - Center for Promoting Women’s Sports in Israel

Athena, the Center for Promoting Women’s Sports in Israel, was founded in 2007 following a decision of the Minister for Education, Culture, and Sport – Ms. Limor Livnat – due to a recommendation by the Public Committee for Promoting Women’s Sports to create a multiyear program for this purpose. In 2018, with the coming into force of the law, the Wingate Institute transformed Athena into a national program for promoting women’s sports in Israel and into an integral part of the Wingate Institute. Athena acts according to a strategic multiyear plan of the Ministry of Culture and Sports and follows the standards set.


Athena operates professional multiyear programs intended to create opportunities for girls, young women, and women in sports, with dedicated programs at sports associations and bodies (defined by standards), programs at authorities, and sports clubs and federations…

”Social and gender-based change in the Israeli sporting culture in such a way to ensure the full participation of girls, young women, and women in all sports and at all levels.“

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The Structure of the Professional Unit:

Moran Messica Eidelman

Director of the Center for the Advancement of Women in Israel, Athena
073-2853945 073-2853945

Rinat Staruti

Office Manager and Administrator
073-2853958 073-2853958

Ofri Yakir

Head of the Women’s Leadership Department, and Director of Professional Activities in Ballgames
0732853947 0732853947

Rut Magen Hochman

Head of the Sports Entities Department, and Director of the Athena Plus program
073-2853976 073-2853976

Hadar Levy

Head of the department of personal sports, research and DATA
073-2853977 073-2853977

Yuval Gome

Head of marketing and social media
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