Your Winning Event at the Wingate Institute!

The Wingate institute with its green spaces, professional sports facilities and well-equipped classrooms is the perfect place for your event!

Along with Wingate Institute’s, the National Institute for excellence in Sports, and promotion of achievement and popular sports in Israel, the National Sports Institute serves as a venue for special events such as field days and fun, conferences, seminars, ceremonies, workshops and school graduation balls.

With us you can enjoy custom tailored activities, accompaniment by sports experts of various sorts to guide and instruct your participants, a specious and conveniently located parking lot, full and varied meals (Kosher kitchen) and easy access from the Costal Road.

Field day marked for health

The professional and varied sports facilities, the swimming pools, the green lawns overlooking the sea and the sports atmosphere are no doubt, a winning recipe for field and sports days and fun for employees adapted to the company’s needs – and all this accompanied by a team of leading sports experts from the Wingate Institute, the National Institute for Excellence in Sports.


Conference center

Planning a company event? The Wingate Conference Center is the perfect venue for your event. The luxury auditorium sits up to 630 people and it’s the most suitable facility for conferences, seminars and shows. In addition we can offer luxury lecture halls, and study classrooms equipped state of the art technical accessories and new and inviting furniture.


Graduation balls

Grade schools, middle schools and high schools – you are invited to host this end-of-year’s parties and balls in the Wingate Institute’s sports facilities. The events are conducted under strict security and control.


For more information – please contact

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